Commit e8de6256 authored by Steve McIntyre's avatar Steve McIntyre

Add translation-check.wml as a depfor all non-english .wml files

The output of this template file matters in all translated files, and
especially while we're still hacking on it make it easier for make to
track this dependency.
parent 109a2ebb
......@@ -93,8 +93,13 @@ $(existing-SUBS-cleandest):
# the rule for every wml file
%.$(LANGUAGE).html : %.wml $(WMLRCDEP) $(GETTEXTDEP) \
$(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml
ifeq "$(LANGUAGE)" "en"
EXTRAWMLDEP := $(WMLRCDEP) $(GETTEXTDEP) $(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml
EXTRAWMLDEP := $(WMLRCDEP) $(GETTEXTDEP) $(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/translation-check.wml
%.$(LANGUAGE).html : %.wml $(EXTRAWMLDEP)
$(WML) $(<F)
ifeq "$(LANGUAGE)" "en"
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