Commit f11f0549 authored by Steve McIntyre's avatar Steve McIntyre

Several updates for

If count_changes() returns undef due to error, abort and print the
Update boilerplate
Pass on the debug level to the underlying VCS module
parent aaf5e6ea
......@@ -13,28 +13,24 @@
# "N", it is touched and a marker file is created
# This allows the file to be rebuilt _exactly_ the number of times it should
# (i.e. $#stages times)
# (C) 2000 by Marcin Owsiany <>
# TODOs:
# - compare both major and minor revision number
# - think of a better way to check when the file has been rebuilt last
# These modules reside under webwml/Perl
# Original script
# (C) 2018 Steve McIntyre <>
# Converted to use Local::VCS to allow for usage with git instead of CVS
# FIXME 93sam 2018-05-17: Converted to use Local::VCS to allow for
# usage with git, but not tested much. It's not clear at all if this
# script is still used or not.
# These modules reside under webwml/Perl
use lib ($0 =~ m|(.*)/|, $1 or ".") ."/Perl";
use Local::VCS;
use Webwml::Langs;
use Webwml::TransCheck;
# Set this to 1 for debugging
# Set this to non-zero for debugging
$debug = 0;
my $VCS = Local::VCS->new();
my $VCS = Local::VCS->new("DEBUG" => $debug);
sub rebuild {
my $file = shift;
......@@ -115,6 +111,9 @@ foreach $lang (@langs) {
next unless not defined $original or $original eq $arglang;
$difference = $VCS->count_changes($argfile, $langrev, $origrev);
if (!defined $difference) {
die "count_changes failed when looking at $argfile\n";
if ($difference < $mindelta) {
next unless was_forced($transfile);
print "unlinking $transfile.forced\n" if $debug;
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