Commit f4951db2 authored by Tobias Quathamer's avatar Tobias Quathamer

Use HTTPS for links

parent f84d693d
......@@ -647,7 +647,7 @@ specific products:</p>
and Vista.</dd>
<dt><strong><a NAME="adaptec" href="">Adaptec</a>\
/<a href="">Roxio</a> Easy-CD Creator</strong></dt>
/<a href="">Roxio</a> Easy-CD Creator</strong></dt>
<dd>From the <i>File</i> menu, choose <i>Create CD from
image...</i>. Then select the <q>.iso</q> file type, and the correct
......@@ -773,7 +773,7 @@ image to a USB flash drive:</p>
<p>Additionally to the method above for Linux systems, there is also
the <a NAME="win32diskimager"
program available, which allows writing such bootable USB flash
drives under Windows. <b>Hint:</b> win32diskimager will apparently
only list input files named <i>*.img</i> by default, while the
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