Commit 1500604a authored by Aron Xu's avatar Aron Xu

Really allow parallel building

parent 3ad3805a
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ debian/autoreconf.after:
doconfigure-%: debian/autoreconf.after
dh_auto_configure --builddirectory=builddir/$(*) -- $(CONFIGURE_FLAGS)
dh_auto_configure --parallel --builddirectory=builddir/$(*) -- $(CONFIGURE_FLAGS)
doconfigure-main: CONFIGURE_FLAGS += --without-python --with-icu
doconfigure-python%: CONFIGURE_FLAGS += --with-python=/usr/bin/$(*)
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ doconfigure-udeb: CONFIGURE_FLAGS += --without-history --with-tree --with-output
dobuild-%: BUILD_DIR=builddir/$(*)
dobuild-%: doconfigure-%
$(if $(filter $(BUILD_DIR),builddir/$(*)),,[ -d $(BUILD_DIR) ] || mv builddir/$(*)/python $(BUILD_DIR))
dh_auto_build --builddirectory=$(BUILD_DIR) -- $(BUILD_FLAGS)
dh_auto_build --parallel --builddirectory=$(BUILD_DIR) -- $(BUILD_FLAGS)
dobuild-python%: BUILD_DIR=builddir/main/$(*)
dobuild-python%: BUILD_FLAGS=libxml2mod_la_LIBADD='$$(mylibs)' \
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