Commit f306337b authored by Martin's avatar Martin

fix: add upstream patch to fix status tray notification

parent 89d88182
Description: Fix status tray notification
Author: Philipp Hörist <>
Origin: upstream
Applied-Upstream: b2cc2147c3b936cbe4468e9f978942c00cc3ea8b
Last-Update: 2018-12-28
This patch header follows DEP-3:
--- a/gajim/
+++ b/gajim/
@@ -1645,10 +1645,13 @@, fjid, jid)
resource = None
fjid = jid
contact = None
if resource:
- contact = app.contacts.get_contact(account, jid, resource) or highest_contact
- if contact is None:
+ contact = app.contacts.get_contact(account, jid, resource)
+ if not contact:
+ contact = highest_contact
+ if not contact:
# Maybe we deleted the contact from the roster
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