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# How to use XSF's mrconfig
## Foreword
Although it's not required to maintain any package, "mr" is recommended so
that one can clone all packages at once. It also helps keeping up-to-date,
by fetching everything through a single command.
## Bootstrap
Go to the directory where you want to clone all XSF packages (let's
call it ~/debian-x) and run this:
# Get XSF tools:
git clone git:// debian/xsf-tools.git
# Make the mrconfig file visible from the top-level:
ln -s debian/xsf-tools.git/mrconfig .mrconfig
# Needed to get custom commands to work:
echo $(pwd)/.mrconfig >> ~/.mrtrust
You're now ready to fetch everything. By calling "mr up", if a local
repository is missing, cloning happens, fetching otherwise:
mr -c .mrconfig up
To speed things up, you can pass --jobs to fetch in parallel:
mr -c .mrconfig --jobs 4 up
## Further configuration
To avoid passing "-c .mrconfig" every time, you can add the following stanza
to ~/.mrconfig:
chain = true
update = echo "Updating XSF packages."
It's now sufficient to call "mr up" in any directory in the ~/debian-x
directory to update all repositories the former contains.
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