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OpenRPT 2.2.0

In release 1.2.0 we added in support for ODBC database connections.

In order to use the ODBC connection one should only have to perform the
appropriate setup of the ODBC Manager and associated drivers. Once this is
complete an ODBC connection can be used by selecting the "Driver" option "ODBC"
and specifying the DSN name in the "Database" field on the Login Options screen.
Depending on your Database Manager and how you configured your ODBC connection
will determine if you need to specify a user name or password on the Login

For the Windows binary releases we have compiled the ODBC driver support
directly into the Qt library that is distributed with the application.
However on the Mac and Linux distributions we have included the ODBC driver
support as a plugin. The reason for doing this is that on these platforms
there are a number of choices and variations to the ODBC Managers that are
available. If you do not have the correct ODBC Manager installed or configured
correctly then the OpenRPT application will continue to function but you will
not be able to connect using an ODBC connection.

On Linux we have compiled the ODBC plugin against UnixODBC version 2.2.11.
On Mac we have compiled the ODBC plugin against iODBC 2.1.6.

If you are using a different ODBC manager you can either replace the included
ODBC plugin with one that was compiled for the ODBC Manager you have or you
can compile a version of Qt that was compiled with support for your ODBC