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Installing xTuple ERP
Last Updated: February 9, 2012
Thank you for your interest in xTuple ERP: PostBooks Edition, an
OSI-certified open source application from xTuple. This file provides
a brief overview of the steps required to manually prepare your
PostgreSQL server to run xTuple ERP: PostBooks Edition.
For up-to-date instructions and full details, please visit
and click on Docs > Admin and Setup.
The easiest way to get started is to use the xTuple all-in-one
installer. The xTuple installer is available for Windows, Mac, and
Linux. You can download the installer from the PostBooks-installers
directory on the PostBooks SourceForge page.
For more advanced users who prefer not to use the PostBooks installer,
the following steps will get you started:
1. Install and configure PostgreSQL
2. Create the PostgreSQL database superuser 'admin' and
the group 'xtrole'
$ psql -U postgres -f init.sql template0 # see init.sql below
3. Create a new PostgreSQL database
$ createdb -U admin production
4. Restore one of the xTuple starter databases into it
(see Starter Databases below), for example:
$ pg_restore -U admin -d production quickstart.backup -v
PostgreSQL Considerations
Before you can start using the xTuple Applications, you must first
have PostgreSQL installed and properly configured. Check to make sure the version
of PostgreSQL you are running is compatible with the version of
xTuple ERP you are installing.
For additional information on installing PostgreSQL, please visit where you will find in-depth documentation
and other resources related to PostgreSQL. Installation support is
also available from xTuple. To learn more about xTuple's PostgreSQL
services, please visit
NOTE: The xTuple applications require the PostgreSQL pgcrypto module.
This is used for credit card processing and storing other
sensitive information. You should be sure to include the
pgcrypto module when installing PostgreSQL. If you do not,
you will encounter errors when running the xTuple ERP
init.sql: Creating the admin user and xtrole group
Run the following SQL script using either psql, pgAdmin, or some
other program that allows connecting directly to a PostgreSQL
database server before creating your xTuple ERP database:
-- This script creates the group xtrole and the user admin
-- Create the user 'admin' with the password 'admin',
-- give it permission to create databases and users,
-- and place it in the xtrole group.
IN GROUP xtrole;
-- End of init.sql
NOTE: Since the default password for the user admin is 'admin', you'll
want to change it immediately.
Starter databases
xTuple supplies three different databases to help get you started:
* empty.backup
This is an empty database with no data, but with all the tables
and structures created.
* quickstart.backup
This database contains a basic Chart of Accounts and also the
Account Assignments required to run the full range of transactions.
* demo.backup
This database contains a suite of sample data built on top of the
'quickstart' database
Again, thank you for your interest in xTuple ERP.
You can find more information, full documentation, discussion forums,
support options, training opportunities, and commercial offerings at
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-- This script creates the group xtrole and the user admin
-- Create the xtrole group
-- Create the admin user with createdb and createuser
-- permissions. Place the user in the xtrole group and
-- set the password to the default of admin.
IN GROUP xtrole;
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