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    Fix two tests for debhelper update 12.4, which dropped manual sequencing commands. · f8fc4b51
    Felix Lechner authored
    Two tests fail to build in unstable because a new debhelper version
    there dropped support for manual sequencing. The relevant changelog
    entry is:
      * dh: Retroactively remove support for manual dh sequence
        operators (--until, --after, --before and --remaining).
        This breaks about 8 source packages that still rely on this
        feature and have not yet migrated away.  (Closes: #932537)
        Please see the debhelper bug for relevant bug numbers and
        package names.
    Two tests for the tag 'dh-manual-sequence-control-obsolete' could no
    longer built due to build failure. Removed the manual sequencing and
    adjusted the expected tags in both.
    If the tag 'dh-manual-sequence-control-obsolete' cannot be tested in
    another way, it will probably be removed from Lintian.
    Gbp-Dch: ignore
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