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    Support custom build directories and move includes · 6283f55e
    Brian Behlendorf authored
    One of the neat tricks an autoconf style project is capable of
    is allow configurion/building in a directory other than the
    source directory.  The major advantage to this is that you can
    build the project various different ways while making changes
    in a single source tree.
    For example, this project is designed to work on various different
    Linux distributions each of which work slightly differently.  This
    means that changes need to verified on each of those supported
    distributions perferably before the change is committed to the
    public git repo.
    Using nfs and custom build directories makes this much easier.
    I now have a single source tree in nfs mounted on several different
    systems each running a supported distribution.  When I make a
    change to the source base I suspect may break things I can
    concurrently build from the same source on all the systems each
    in their own subdirectory.
    wget -c http://github.com/downloads/behlendorf/zfs/zfs-x.y.z.tar.gz
    tar -xzf zfs-x.y.z.tar.gz
    cd zfs-x-y-z
    ------------------------- run concurrently ----------------------
    <ubuntu system>  <fedora system>  <debian system>  <rhel6 system>
    mkdir ubuntu     mkdir fedora     mkdir debian     mkdir rhel6
    cd ubuntu        cd fedora        cd debian        cd rhel6
    ../configure     ../configure     ../configure     ../configure
    make             make             make             make
    make check       make check       make check       make check
    This change also moves many of the include headers from individual
    incude/sys directories under the modules directory in to a single
    top level include directory.  This has the advantage of making
    the build rules cleaner and logically it makes a bit more sense.
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