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    [master]: Working and tested version · 474b66a0
    Manoj Srivastava authored
    * The image installation process upstream has changed; and uses the
      /sbin/installkernel method now (which is not really aware of
      installing into a temp directory for packaging). Updating the install
      process to match. This also means that this version of kernel-package
      can not compile kernels older than July 2009.
    * Fixed a typo in the control file for debug image packages.
    * Just compiled a kernel linux-image-3.15.0-rc4 with these changes
      (Closes: #745686).
    * To build a kernel  with LZ4 compression enabled, lz4c is
      needed. Added a suggests for liblz4-tool (Closes:  #746539).
    * As part of an effort to deter kernel exploits, System.map and the
      kernel image should be made readable by root only to prevent attackers
      from getting knowledge of kernel addresses. This version of kernel
      package does exactly that.  (Closes: #615029).
    * Upstream kernel Makefiles provide an header_install target to install
      sanitized headers into the destination. Use that while generating the
      headers package.  (Closes: #696922).
    * Bash autocomletion doesn't support all target commands.  Bartosz Janda
      provided an updated autocomplete script (Closes: #696264).
    * Previously the lguest source moved from Documentation/lguest to
      Documentation/virtual/lguest, and more recently it moved again to
      tools/lguest. Look now in all these places. (Closes: #690813).
    * The documentation for the kernel requires db2html from the
      docvoot-utils package to render. kernel-package has always Suggested
      the package, but there was some surprise when the documentation
      packages ended up mostly empty. Moved the relationship to Recommends.
      (Closes: #593894).
    * Bug fix #745686: "fails to build Linux 3.15-rc*", thanks to Darren Salt
    * Bug fix #746539: "Please suggest liblz4-tool", thanks to Toby Speight
    * Bug fix: #615029: "Please restrict permissions of System.map and
      vmlinuz for security reasons", thanks to Pierre Ynard
    * Bug fix #696922: "kernel-headers does not include linux/limits.h",
      thanks to Michal Suchanek
    * Bug fix: #696264: "[kernel-package] Bash autocompletion for missing
      targets", thanks to Bartosz Janda
    * Bug fix #690813: "kernel-package doesn't look for lguest in
      tools/lguest", thanks to Dave Bechtel
    * Bug fix: "[kernel-package] Makefile.build:44:
      /usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-3-common/scripts/basic/Makefile: Datei
      oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden", thanks to deleo@gmx.de. This was
      fixed in the last update. (Closes: #684888).
    * Bug fi: #593894x: "Building linux-manual package without docbook-utils
      quietly fails", thanks to Christoph Anton Mitterer