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    Switch upstream to Grid Community Toolkit · b17ded8c
    Mattias Ellert authored
    Grid Community Toolkit merged a number of outstanding pull requests (13.0)
    - Add option to send IPv6 address in EPSV response
    - Add function to get the command string
    - Be more selective in what config files we skip
    - Add unames for GNU/Hurd and kfreebsd to chroot setup script
    Merge GT6 update 12.5 into GCT (13.1)
    First Grid Community Toolkit release (13.2)
    - Disable usage statistics reporting by default
    - Add man page for globus-gridftp-password - contribution from IGE
    Use 2048 bit RSA key for tests (13.3)
    Merge GT6 update 12.6 into GCT (13.4)
    Merge GT6 update 12.7 into GCT (13.5)
    Merge GT6 update 12.8 into GCT (13.6)
    Merge GT6 update 12.9 into GCT (13.7)
    Merge GT6 update 12.12 into GCT (13.8)
    Drop patches globus-gridftp-server-unames.patch, -epsv-ip.patch,
    -cmd-string.patch and -config.patch (accepted upstream)
    Drop the man page for globus-gridftp-password from the source package
    (accepted upstream)
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