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  • 3.5.0   New release from upstream

    After two release candidates, making fixes for REST API installation and various migration tests, FOSSology is stable enough for a new release. The main features of the 3.5.0 release can be found under RC1.

    Particular corrections after RC1 can be found under RC2.

    Mainly 3.5.0 adds more documentation, infrastructure improvements and support for brand new FOSSology REST API.

    Moreover, new functionality has improved JSON output for nomos and restructured license detection for nomos. Last but not the least, FOSSology now have capabilities to ignore files specific to version control systems from the scanning improving scan times.


    From the git commit history, we have following contributors since 3.4.0:

    @ag4ums, @ChristopheRequillart, @AMDmi3, @GMishx, @mcieno, @max-wittig, @maxhbr, @rlintu, @sandipbhuyan, @shaheemazmalmmd


    • e63c1753 : feat(tokenExp): Make token max validity configurable
    • 16762d5a : feat(rest): Use bearer auth instead of basic
    • 229860e6 : feat(nomos): Fix the JSON output
    • e72db033 : feat(scm): correct in cli/cp2foss.php and add comment in agent/utils.c
    • 3b72db06 : feat(scm): ignore scm data when scanning
    • 0f277a1c : chore(docker): update dockerignore
    • a4f136ab : feat(trac): Fix typo flase instead of false
    • 8e314a12 : feat(licenseref): add new exception text to fossology database
    • 854817d7 : feat(report): Added new endpoint to create reports
    • 62b25d07 : feat(restapi): Post upload and get folders path
    • 0f5991a7 : chore(restapi): Use Slim inplace of Silex
    • 93dbe3df : feat(licenses): creative commons detection rewritten. Bug fixes.
    • 94b0f1ee : feat(license-admin): Show obligations for license
    • 3b3eb3f5 : refactor(maintagent): refactor maintagent code
    • c46cb3be : feat(reused-info): Show reused package in info page
    • 47307a87 : docs(lib-php): Doxygen comments for BusinessRules
    • 388bd224 : refactor(view-page): Use Twig templates for info page
    • e4767631 : feat(maintagent): add feature to delete orphaned files from database
    • 041b5770 : docs(lib-php): Doxygen comments for Auth namespace
    • c9cc5cd0 : docs(lib-php): Added doxygen comments for Application namespace
    • ba2193c3 : docs(lib-php): Added doxygen comment for Agent class
    • 8805b55c : docs(libphp): Added doxygen comments for PHP common lib
    • 8fda5381 : docs(libcpp): Added doxygen comments for CPP library
    • a9e862ba : test(nomos): Added test case for EPL in pom.xml
    • 9a30827e : docs(templates): Fix minor typos in templates
    • e1608f9e : chore(fo-postinstall.in): Give better notification
    • b6645af4 : feat(licenseRef): check flag before updating the license text
    • 6b6dbb18 : feat(copyright): select and replace copyright in bulk mode
    • 34661939 : docs(restapi): Option to create API documentation
    • af6ba64f : chore(common-job): Remove unnecessery changes
    • 87cb1104 : chore(restapi): Change the path for REST classes
    • bea3cf48 : chore(restapi): Allocate namespaces to the files
    • 07ab6105 : replay 6a1f712e, 45f02535 and 8c3a7102
    • 7aa12b0a : add auth
    • 8fb000fe : feat(api): add fossology openapi specification
    • ec5ebeb9 : feat(select2): Use select2 lib for drop-downs
    • ab40ea0f : feat(pages): Deploy FOSSology GitHub pages using Travis
    • 8fc071da : chore: add best practices badge


    • ec9409ab : fix(restApi): Fix for missing plugins
    • 5e9433d2 : fix(maintagent): do not delete decisions with scope 1
    • 4a3c7cb0 : fix(Vagrantfile): Enable mod rewrite in vagrant for REST
    • 14e1a451 : fix(api): Change back to version 1, remove trailing '/'
    • 7623c443 : fix(schema): Use open api 3.0.0 to describe API documentation
    • 93dbe3df : feat(licenses): creative commons detection rewritten. Bug fixes.
    • 3b01a533 : fix(fo-installdeps): Add php-mbstring to build deps
    • fa237862 : fix(delagent): delete existing clearing events using delagent
    • 6e26fdde : fix(scheduler): add check for empty results from query
    • d9fd5fe4 : fix(filter): Update the filter in license browser
    • 7e650635 : fix(nomos): Detect EPL-1.0
    • 78b41aee : fix(constraints): Also clean old constraints
    • 36e22784 : fix(licenses): restore regexp POSIX compatibility
    • 2c71518a : fix(nomos): Fix license string checks
    • 191abff8 : fix(nomos): Use space as separator
    • 47b71300 : fix(restapi): Implement TODOs
    • a115b460 : fix(restapi): Use FOSSology functions
    • 11486eea : fix(response): Use JsonResponse instead of plain Response
    • 0ccea49a : fix(libschema): Remove schema to match PHP strings
    • b71c2569 : fix(bulk-license): Resize the dropdown for bluk license
    • e8bc8987 : fix(web.postinst): Reflect changes from php-conf-fix
    • 7e3e9b08 : fix(ScheduleAgent): Prevent multiple agent schedules
    • d05d30aa : fix(agent): Reschedule failed agents
    • 262634d9 : fix(apache): Add rewrite string to apache conf
    • ba2b25ba : fix(git): Add ubuntu log file to gitignore
    • 9c1bf18a : chore(docker): bump docker base image to stretch
    • 8df86b30 : fixup! chore(docker): bump docker base image to stretch
  • 3.4.0   fossology 3.4.0 release

    After two release candidates, compatibility isues with updating from 3.2.0 and 3.3.0 have been resolved. The main features of the 3.4.0 release are found under the release candidate one for the 3.4.0 release:


    Particular updates compared to the release candidate two are:


    Mainly, 3.4.0, including the two release candidates, adds more documentation, infrastructure support and testing. It improves the support for Debian 9 stretch and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Moreover, new functionality has been added for running FOSSology from the command line including optimized output in JSON directly from the agent. Last but now least, updates have been applied to incorporate updates at the SPDX License List, such as the support for recognizing license exceptions.


    Looking into the git commit history, it shows you all the users who have contributed to this release since 3.3:

    Tatsuo, Steve, Shaheem, Robert, rlintu, Michael, Maximilian, Gaurav, Dmitry, Anupam


    • ee8b69c fix(constraints): Remove more faulty constraints
    • c6743d5 fix(unifiedreport): add default count as 0 in result of scan

    Refactorings, Infrastructure

    • faaaeed fix(installdeps): Run child terminals interactively
    • 6a298ea fix(debian): Add php7.2 dependencies for Ubuntu Bionic
    • 36c8da7 fix(debian): Install composer.phar before running it

    Known Issues

    There is a timing issue with the startup of the Postgresql database server. If the FOSSology scheduler component cannot connect to the configured database server at startup, it will shut down again. As a consequence, any agent-based activity will be suspended. A user will see "Is the scheduler running?" message at submitting uploads. One solution is to restart the scheduler sudo service FOSSology start again.

    Updating from an older version

    Updates have been tested with version 3.2.0 and 3.3.0 and did not show issues anymore (opposed to release candidate 1 and 2). However, it is highly advised to test the update from a prior version first before apply 3.4.0 on a productive server.