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    Import Debian changes 1.6.0-1 · 8242eff1
    Markus Koschany authored
    redeclipse-data (1.6.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Team upload.
      [ Martin Erik Werner ]
      * Avoid pointless dpkg default make includes.
        Remove Makefile includes of dpkg default defines, which was previously
        used for get-orig-source target.
      * Cleanup main data install step
        * Skip installing of duplicated doc/ config/ sql/ directories under
        * Keep license.txt files when installing data. Since license information
          is spread between various .txt files, some of which also contains
          other informtation which might be relevant to keep, it is not feasible
          to be able to remove all license information, hence we leave it all.
      * Include version.txt with fonts data module
        version.txt contains the Git commit id of data modules, so keep it in
        the install it in the fonts data module to keep consistency with other
        data modules.
      * Update copyright generation.
        Update generate-copyright script to follow the same Source: exclusion
        comment style as in the redeclipse package, and remove the mention of
        keeping Makefiles, since this is no longer done.
        Also use https for format url.
      * Partly regenerate copyright from script.
        Selective update of copyright file from generation script. Fixes for
        missing files, invalid paths, and a typo in upstream copyright file is
        kept as before in the Debian copyright file.
      * Use github release page as source & in watch file.
        Use for:
        * The Source: line in the copyright file, since this is the location of
          the tarball that forms this source package.
        * The watch file, since this page also contains historic versions of all
      [ Markus Koschany ]
      * New upstream version 1.6.0.
      * Switch to compat level 11.
      * Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.3.0.
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