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    Import Debian changes 2.4.1-0.1 · 20b69bd6
    Nicolas Boulenguez authored
    libffado (2.4.1-0.1) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Non-maintainer upload.
      * New upstream release. Closes: #887846.
        Drop sconstruct.patch, applied upstream.
      * Switch watch file to format 4.
      * Remove obsolete control.in.
        The last motivation seems to be @cdbs@, now unused.
      * Remove debian/*.dirs, obsolete with recent debhelper.
      * Delete trailing whitespaces in this changelog.
      * Drop ffado.1 uninstalled Debian manpage.
      * Pass Debian build flags to scons and show them in log.
        This probably fixes #864717.
        Enable all hardening flags.
        Link with --as-needed in order to reduce dependencies.
      * Build-Dependencies: drop dh-exec (looking for a maintainer).
        Sort, drop autotools-dev, dh-buildinfo (see  2.3.0-1 and -3).
      * Also drop licensecheck, a long warning about it being unavailable
        is better than a short failure report.
      * Standards-version: 4.1.4.
      * Move ffado-debug manual page to the package providing the executable.
        Break/Replace accordingly.
      * Replace Debian manpages with upstream manpages when available.
        Move manpages to a subdirectory to simplify packaging.
      * Check and update the copyright file.
      * Clean all *.pyc instead of only one.
      * rules: always call scons with same arguments.
      * rules: drop makeshlib version argument.
        Redundant with "Depend: libffado2 (=${binary:Version}".
      * rules: report failures (mkdir -p, rm -f report unexpected problems).
      * Drop unneeded shlib:Depends.
        -dev does not provide binaries, mixer is arch-independent.
      * Switch to python3 and qt4.
      * Improve generation of the debug library variant.
        Split build and install steps again.
        Avoid building twice during -indep builds.
        Let the debug library be a Make target, avoiding two scons rebuilds in
        case of error in later steps.
      * Style. Drop debian/tmp/ prefix from debian/*.install.
      * Move the debug library into ffado-tools package.
        Almost no user will ever use the debug library without the ffado-debug
        wrapper, and most people installing libffado2 loose space for no purpose.
        The break/replace dependency already exists, see above.
      * .gitignore: keep upstream .gitignore untouched.
      * Lintian override explaining why ffado-tools:
        cannot be fixed inside ffado.
      * Minor fixes in dependencies.
        An explicit python interpreter is redundant with ${python3:Depends}.
        The 2.4.1~ snapshots should not conflict with themselves.
      * Ensure AUTHORS and README will be installed with debhelper >= 11.
        For now, debhelper automatically embeds them in every package.
      * Remove obsolete parts of debian/rules.
        DEB_CLEAN_EXCLUDE is older than the VCS.
           Without it, "rm -f $(DEB_DESTDIR)" is not needed anymore.
        DEB_PYTHON3_MODULE_PACKAGES is used for binary packages containing
           python modules, not for an executable.
        cdbs seems to create DEB_DESTDIR by itself.
        cdbs knows that reverse-config should be executed before clean.
        config.log scache.conf .sconf_temp are not created anymore.
      * Install mixer icon for desktop file. Closes: #834140.
      * Upstream has accepted to remove locale dependency from static_info.txt
        for reproducible contents, and to install it into /usr/lib.
        It may be installed into the binary packages again.
      [Felipe Sateler]
      * Change maintainer address to debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org.
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