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  • debian/0.5.00-1
    418fa54f · Upload to unstable ·
  • v0.5.00   version 0.5.00 Changes: - new tools: moba, looklocker, tgv, extract, fftrot - moba: non-linear model-based recon for T1 mapping (Xiaoqing Wang) - looklocker: post-processing for moba - extract: extract ranges from multi-dim. arrays - tgv: a tgv denoiser - fftrot: perform rotations using FFTs - join: append to non-existing file - pics: low-mem flag (-U) - pics: efficient basis functions (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - pics: pattern for non-Cartesian trajectories - nlinv: enlive on the gpu - twixread: read multi-raid files - twixread: mode for radial - traj: custom angle to traj (Aurélien Trotier) - traj: small golden angles (Jasper Schoormans) - traj: option to rotate trajectory - extract: multiple dims (Christian Holme) - slice: multiple dims (Christian Holme) - generic: NOEXEC_FLAG flag for non-executable stacks - generic: automatic rebuilds for makefile changes - generic: make it possible to run individual tests - library: use long in gridding code to support larger grids - library: zsmax functions for cpu and gpu - library: function for setting random initial state in wavthresh - library: lsqr/lad return operator_p to select regularization - library: generalize cuda fft a bit for efficiency - library: fix for CUDA strided memcpy - many other bug fixes and improvements
    5efc0a95 · bump version ·
  • debian/0.4.04-2
    3bc0e34e · Upload to unstable ·
  • debian/0.4.04-1
    b06c93ec · Upload to unstable ·
  • v0.4.04   version 0.4.04 Changes: - new tools: index poly wshfl zexp - index: generate indices - poly: generate polynomial patterns (Siddharth Iyer) - wshfl: wave-shuffling (Siddharth Iyer) - zexp: replace zexpj with zexp for complex exponentials - pics: support for temporal basis - pics: overlapping blocks option for LLR (Jon Tamir) - pics: make basis pursuit possible for noncartesian data - pics: non-negative constraint (Jon Tamir) - nlinv: introduce option for sms - ecalib: fix bug in phase rotation - ecalib: add debug_level argument - estdelay: RING method (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - traj: Half circle golden-ratio sampling (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - traj: Option for asymmetric trajectories (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - bench: add option to select benchmarks using bitmask - phantom: add geometric object phantom (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - phantom: fix inconsistency between img-phantom and k-phantom for rectangles (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - copy: enhance copy command to do simple copies - toimg: windowing and option to re-scale images to full dynamic range (Jon Tamir) - generic: many new integration and unit tests - generic: improved WSL support (Soumick Chatterjee) - generic: add mkl support (Jon Tamir) - generic: bart as a library (Damien Nguyen) - generic: CMake improvements (Damien Nguyen) - generic: Save FFTW wisdom when TOOLBOX path is set (Siddharth Iyer) - generic: fixes for memory leaks - library: optimized strided copy on GPU (Simon Yeung) - library: parallelization to fftmod - library: nufft: efficient use with temporal basis - library: nufft: fix issue with over-sized trajectories - library: add runga-kutta ode solver - library: iter/italgos: alternating minimization (Christian Holme) - library: irgnm: add minimum for alpha as parameter (Christian Holme) - library: step size support in chambolle-pock - library: add tenmul operator - library: add md_zexp - library: add zexp nonlinear operator - library: add linop_null and linop_plus - library: add md_zsum: (Complex) sum along specified dimensions (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - library: fix bug in septrafo (broke cdf97 wavelets) - many other bug fixes and improvements
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  • debian/0.4.03-2
    3482b461 · Upload to unstable ·
  • debian/0.4.03-1
    7c3098a5 · Upload to unstable ·
  • v0.4.03   version 0.4.03 Changes: - nlinv: add ENLIVE support (Christian Holme) - nlinv: add (hidden) option to specify coil weighting parameters (Christian Holme) - nlinv: option for different pattern for each coil (Christian Holme) - nlinv: sensitivity output also when using GPU (Christian Holme) - nlinv: add timing output (Christian Holme) - nlinv: add option for debug level (Christian Holme) - nlinv: add option to provide initialization (Christian Holme) - nlinv: make IRGNM reduction factor configurable (Christian Holme) - nufft: add nufft according to conventional definition - ecalib: add option to turn off phase rotation (Jonathan Tamir) - homodyne: add option for uncentered ffts (Jonathan Tamir) - bench: add benchmarks for fft, fftmod, md_fft - library: admm: add parameter selection by residual balancing (Jonathan Tamir) - library: add function to detect nontrivial strides - library: fix bug for gpu-mode of cdiag operator - library: irgnm: add callback (Christian Holme) - general: add script for memory-economic use of espirit - build: updates and fixes for CMake - build: build fixes on Mac OS X - many other bug fixes and improvements
    0c2a6503 · bump version ·
  • debian/0.4.02-2
    1e5b7501 · Upload to unstable ·
  • debian/0.4.02-1
  • v0.4.02   version 0.4.02 Changes: - new tools: std var vec wavepsf whiten - std: compute standard deviation (Jonathan Tamir) - var: compute variance (Jonathan Tamir) - vec: create vectors from the command line - wavepsf: create PSF for wave acquisition (Siddharth Iyer) - whiten: compute/apply whitening matrix (Jonathan Tamir) - pics: basis pursuit formulation (Jonathan Tamir) - nlinv: support for simultaneous multi-slice (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - nlinv: various enhancements and fixes (Christian Holme) - pics: support for simultaneous multi-slice (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - traj: radial simultaneous multi-slice trajectories (Sebastian Rosenzweig) - fft: uncentered option (Jonathan Tamir) - nufft: use Toepliz-mode by default - nufft: add GPU option - python 3 version for bartview (Siddharth Iyer) - fix compilation for Cygwin on Windows (Johannes Töger) - include relevant parts of LAPACKE in BART - library: add NIHT algorithm (Sofia Dimoudi) - library: add Chambolle-Pock primal dual algorithm for F(Ax) + G(x) (Jonathan Tamir) - library: add md_zss function for sum-of-squares (Jonathan Tamir) - library: improved parallelization (Michael Anderson) - library: joint l1-wavelet regularization - library: rename wavelet3 to wavelet - library: Hamming and Hann windows (Jonathan Tamir) - library: png write functions (Christian Holme) - library: initial interface for nonlinear operators - many other bug fixes and improvements
  • v0.4.01   version 0.4.01 Changes: - new tools: casorati mandelbrot wavelet estshift estdelay ccapply - cc tool: new option to output compression matrix - traj tool: new option for gradient-error corrected radial trajectories - pics tool: fix for the use of weights for non-Cartesian trajectories - pics tool: fix for the use of weights with higher (temporal) dimensions (Jon Tamir) - pics tool: allow the use of higher dimensions in sensitivity maps (Jon Tamir) - nlinv tool: various fixes (Christian Holme) - threshold tool: fix for hard thresholding (Jon Tamir) - cmake: integration testing (Damien Nguyen) - cmake: CUDA support (Damien Nguyen) - fixes for a couple of memory leaks (Damien Nguyen, Christian Holme) - faster system tests, more unit tests and system tests - library: improved precision of wavelet filters - library: new functions for tensor multiplication (md_ztenmul, ...) - library: function to compute sensitivities with Biot-Savart law - library: functions for polynoms - library: improved and extended functions for splines - many other bug fixes and improvements
    32593232 · bump version ·
  • debian/0.4.00-1
    df4e7140 · hardening=+all ·
  • v0.4.00   version 0.4.00 Changes: - new tools: copy, squeeze, flatten, delta, zexpj, invert - show tool: option to use custom number formatting - poisson: option to specify random seed in poisson (David Smith) - threshold: hard threshold option - join: append mode - nufft: nudft option - nufft: randshift for nufft - pics: batch mode - pics: FT as sparsity transform - nrmse: auto_scale option - fmac tool: if only two args are specified then squash-and-sum <input1> - remove rsense tool - support for cmake (Hans Johnson) - rename vars.(sh|m) to startup.(sh|m) - more efficient Matlab interface (Tim Loderhose) - write BART version and command line into created files - change fftw to use 64-bit interface - phase out old wavelet2 code - library: phase cycling for nufft - library: support weights in toeplitz mode - library: fmac operator - library: cabs: complex magnitude - library: md_compare - library: thomas algorithm - library: inital spline code - many other bug fixes and enhancements
    f236631b · bump version ·
  • v0.3.01   version 0.3.01 Changes: - automatic build testing for Linux and MacOS X - automatic tests for some tools - a unit testing framework for functions - python wrapper: bart.py - fix problem with matlab wrapper - change default path for fftw on Mac OS X - new tools: carg, wavg - carg: complex argumemt - wavg: weighted average - library: tools for chebyshev approximation - library: improvements for type safety - many other bug fixes and enhancements
    0465da44 · bump version ·
  • debian/0.3.00-1   bart (0.3.00-1) unstable; urgency=medium * Initial release. (Closes: #806762) -- Martin Uecker <martin.uecker@med.uni-goettingen.de> Tue, 09 Feb 2016 23:42:36 +0100
  • v0.3.00   version 0.3.00 Changes: - all tools are integrated into the bart command (e.g. call "bart pics ...") - new tools: mip, lrmatrix, estdims, filter, estvar - mip: maximum-intensity projection - estdims: estimate dimension ffrom non-Cartesian trajectories - lrmatrix: (multi-scale) low-rank decomposition and matrix completion - filter: median filter - estvar: estimate noise variance from calibration matrix - removed deprecated tools: sense, relnorm - pics: multi-scale low rank regularization - pics: new options (scale factor, warm-start) - threshold: added divergence-free wavelet, locally low-rank, and wavelet thresholding - phantom: 3d image-domain + k-space - homodyne: various improvements and new options - new command-line completion script for bash shell - remove dependency on GSL - library: improved processing of command-line options - library: least-absolute deviation using reweighting (lad.c/h) - library: relax cuda fft constraints - library: multind/vecops functions for comparisons - library: add {less,greater} than or equal to prox functions - many other bug fixes and enhancements
    856d987a · bump version ·
  • v0.2.09d   Debian-med package 0.2.09
    fc30b693 · fix const ·
  • v0.2.09   version 0.2.09 Changes: - support multiple penalties in pics tool - fix problems with odd matrix sizes - fix performance regression (fftmod, gram_matrix) - added tools: show, rmnse, sub, fakeksp, version - example script for GRASP reconstruction - experimental wave reconstruction - toimg: write sequence of 2D images - make cfl file format reader forwards compatible - a sampling pattern can be specified with rsense - autogenenerated .gitignore - exuberant ctags script - library: finite difference operator - library: experimental simplex code - library: generalized calibration matrix construction - other minor bug fixes and enhancements
    cb285383 · update grasp.sh script ·
  • v0.2.08   Changes: - nufft tool: support for additional (e.g. time) dimensions - combination of 'sense' and 'nusense' tools into a single 'pics' (parallel-imaging compressed-sensing) tool - pics tool: support for additional (e.g. time) dimensions - pics tool: multi-dimensional wavelet or TV penalties - supports for Microsoft Windows with Cygwin - a python-based image viewer (by Frank Ong) - a wavelet tool (cdf97) - an image export tool for PNG and proto-dicom - support for odd sizes in the 'fftmod' function - support for odd sizes in ESPIRiT calibration - maximum-variance phase normalization of ESPIRiT maps - computation of radial golden-angle trajectories - workaround for a bug in GCC 4.6.3 (affects Ubuntu LTS 12.04) - other minor bug fixes and enhancements